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Baxter Sabratek 3030

Baxter Sabratek 3030

The Baxter Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump provides accurate, safe, and reliable volumetric delivery and can be used in both arterial and venous applications. This pump can use standard, soft, and straight-line administration sets that are manufactured by either Abbott, Baxter, McGaw, or Sabratek.

The pump is easy to program and use. You simply agree or disagree with the pump’s prompts by using the YES and the NO keys. The pump’s Lockout mode makes it tamper-resistant by requiring a software access code to be keyed in prior to any parameter changes. This limits patient programming and profile selection while maintaining optimum compliance.

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Sabratek 3030 IV Pump accepts standard Abbott, Baxter, McGaw and Sabratek tubing sets

Flow rate: 1-999 mL/HR

Power: 110 AC

Battery: 12V Rechargable

Battery run time: 6 hrs at 125 mL/HR

User adjustable occlusion pressure, 8-20psi

Selectable occlusion alarms

Alarms: Air in Line, Door Open, High Rate, Down Occlusion, Up Occlusion, Hold, Empty Bag, Low Battery, Empty Battery, Infusion Complete and Pump Malfunctions

Size: 8 (H) × 5.5 (W) × 6.25 (D) inches

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