- Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL -

Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL

Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL

The Mini-Infuser™ System is designed for controlled intermittent administration of intravenous medication. The system includes standard disposable syringes, Microbore extension sets, and the Mini-Infuser™ 300XL syringe pump. This battery operated device provides ultimate control over both drug dosage and rate of administration. The Mini-Infuser™ System provides reproducible, defined drug infusion rates and, when used properly, is safe, dependable and practical.

The Mini-Infuser™ System accepts B-D® and Monoject® disposable syringes of various sizes (5-60cc).

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Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL

Here are some features of Baxter Mini-Infuser 300XL.

Size:5 x 4.5 x 1.6 in

Weight: 1 lb 12 oz (with batteries)

Accuracy: ± 3%

Batteries: Four “C-size” alkaline cells

Battery Life: typical use: 400 hours; typical use at low battery: 4 hours

Flow Profile: Continuous flat

Flow Rates:

    • XLow 1.8 in/hr
    • Low 2.7 in/hr
    • Medium 5.5 in/hr

Occlusion Detection Time: 70 seconds

Occlusion Force: 8 lb. Consult flow rate chart to determine occlusion pressure with specific syringes.

Volume Stored on Occlusion:9 mL (approximately)

Back Pressure Effect on Accuracy: None to Occlusion Pressure

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