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B Braun Vista Basic

B Braun Vista Basic

The Vista® basic was designed to ensure simplicity in all aspects of its use: from set installation, to programming, to special mode use and alarm correction. Based on a design that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide, the Vista® basic provides high reliability packaged in one of the easiest pumps to use.

As a workhorse in the outpatient market, it offers a rugged and reliable design, all relevant therapies such as continuous, piggyback and program mode, and a selection of cost-effective, straight line gravity sets.

  • Saves time loading with straight-line gravity tubing.
  • Quick start-up saves time for continuous Infusions – simply enter rate and volume, then press START.
  • Separate bag hook for pump offers space and cost savings, eliminating need for standalone IV pole.
  • Robust design of mechanical components ensures maximum durability.
  • One-year standard warranty and multiple warranty options are available to meet your future service needs.
  • Two-year preventive maintenance schedule helps save and money from typical annual inspection requirements.
  • Battery life of approximately 3 years before replacement is required.
  • DEHP-free sets protect patients. Needle-free sets protect both the patient and clinician.
  • Helpful prompts walk the user through the programming process.
  • Easy to use, teach and learn. Perfect for homecare settings.
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B Braun Vista Basic

  • Mechanism: Linear peristaltic volumetric infusion pump
  • Dimensions: 5.5” W x 9.4 “ H x 7.8” D
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Power Requirements: 100-120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 13 Watts
  • Leakage Current: Max 30 microamps
  • Battery: 7.2V, 1.2 Ah NiCd (rechargeable)
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 3.5 hours at 125 mL/hr
  • Rate Range: 0.1 to 800.0 mL/hr in 0.1 increments with Vista™ tubing
  • Volume to be Infused Range: 0.1 to 9999.9 mL
  • Occlusion Pressure Variable settings: Low: 8 PSI and High: 17 PSI
  • KVO Rate: 1 mL/hr or selected rate, whichever is lower
  • Flow Rate Accuracy:+/-5% measurement time over 8 hrs, temp 71.6° F

B Braun Vista Basic

  • Alarms: Air-in Line, Low Battery, Plug In Now, Bag Empty, Downstream Occlusion, Door open, Pump Stopped, KVO, Unit Malfunction.
  • Air-in-Line Alarm: Air bubble size 0.3 mL or 1.5 mL/hr
  • Memory: User option to retain last Continuous and Piggyback Mode data upon power up. Permanent data retention and Resume Feature for all Models after the pump is turned off.
  • Tubing: B. Braun Vista® basic pump administration sets. Needle-free sets available
  • Modes/Features: Continuous and Piggyback Modes, Program Mode for variable infusions, Ramp/Taper Mode for TPN infusions, and Delay A Mode for postponing infusion start and finish.
  • Operating Conditions: 64.4° to 95° F, 10.15 to 15.37 PSI
  • Storage Conditions: -13° to 131° F, 10.15 to 15.37 PSI

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