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B Braun Infusomat Space

B Braun Infusomat Space

The Infusomat® Space Volumetric Infusion Pump System includes an external transportable electronic volumetric infusion pump, dedicated administration sets, and pump accessories. The system is intended for use on adults, pediatrics, and neonates for the intermittent or continuous delivery of parenteral and enteral fluids through clinically accepted routes of administration. These routes include, but are not limited to intravenous, irrigation/ablation, and enteral. The system is used for the delivery of medications indicated for infusion therapy including but not limited to colloids and cristalloids, blood and blood components, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), lipids, and enteral fluids. The Infusomat® Space Volumetric Infusion Pump System is intended to be used by trained healthcare professionals in healthcare facilities, home care, outpatient, and medical transport environments. Qualified medical staff should decide how the device should be used based on its features and specifications. For more details, please read the Instructions for use.

  • The Infusomat® Space Infusion System features: Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use intuitive user interface
  • 1,500-entry drug library available
  • Alarms are audible, clearly visible and differentiated using different tones
  • Available with or without outbound wireless capabilities
  • Strong lightweight pole clamp holds up to four pumps mounted horizontally or vertically

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Download the operator's Manual


B Braun Infusomat Space

Here are some features of B Braun Infusomat Space.

  • Classification: defibrillator-proof; CF equipment. Protective Class II; Protective Class I in combination with SpaceStation
  • Lenth: 8.4 in
  • Width: 4.9 in
  • Depth: 2.6 in
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs
  • Power:
    • Rated Voltage: Via B. Braun SpaceStation or optional mains adaptor (rated voltage 100 – 240 V AC~, 50/60 Hz) for stand-alone operation
    • External Low Voltage: 11 – 16 V DC via Connection Lead SP 12 V or via SpaceStation
  • Battery: NiMH battery
  • Operating Time: 4 hours at 100 mL/hr
  • Recharge Time: 6 hours
  • Rate Range:
    • 0.1 to 99.9 mL/hr in 0.01 mL increments
    • 100 to 999.9 mL/hr in 0.1 mL increments
    • 1000 to 1200 mL/hr in 1 mL increments
  • Volume to be Infused Range:
    • 0.1 to 99.99 mL in 0.01 mL increments
    • 100 to 999.9 mL in 0.1 mL increments
    • 1000 to 9999 mL in 1 mL increments
  • Time Range: 00:01 – 99:59 hours
  • KVO Rate:
    • Delivery rate ≥ 10 ml/h: KVO-rate 3 ml/h
    • Delivery rate < 10 ml/h: KVO-rate 1 ml/h
    • Delivery rate < 1 ml/h: KVO-rate = set rate (default setting 0.1 ml/h)
  • Volumetric Accuracy: ± 5%
  • Computer Connection: USB connection in combination with B. Braun interface lead CAN SP (8713230) including electrical insulation
  • Air Detector:
    • Technical Sensitivity: Detection of air bubbles ≥ 0.01 ml
    • Alarm Triggering: At an air bubble size of typically 0.02 – 0.3 ml respectively 1.5 ml/h
  • Sensitivity Upstream Sensor: 9 levels from -0,12 bar to -0,21 bar (pressure reduction)
  • Occlusion Alarm Pressures: 9 levels from 0.3 – 1.2 bar
  • History Protocol: 1000 last history entries; 100 events for system diagnose
  • VTBI infused
  • Time expired
  • Battery empty
  • Pressure high: An occlusion occurred in the system. The set pressure level was exceeded. A bolus reduction is automatically initiated by the pump
  • KVO finished
  • Battery cover removed
  • Standby time expired

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