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Abbott AIM Plus

Abbott AIM Plus

The Abbott Aim Plus is a single-channel infusion device intended for hospital and homecare use. Small and light-weight, the battery powered pump can be placed in a carrying case with fluid for ambulatory patients, or attached to AC power for bedside use. Five types of programming options are available for flexible delivery of medications and nutritional fluids: TPN, Pain Management, Intermittent, Variable Time, and Continuous. The Abbott Aim Plus infuses in three units of delivery: millimeters, milligrams, and micrograms. KVO programming is available for TPN, Intermittent, and Variable Time therapies.

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Abbott AIM Plus

  • Size: 1.5”D x 4”W  x 6”H
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Pump Mechanism: Dual micro-processor controlled eccentric-rotor peristaltic motor
  • System Accuracy: +/- 5%, nominal.

Abbott AIM Plus

  • Air Sensitivity:
    • – HIGH: Pump alarms at approximately 100 uL of air.
    • – LOW: Pump alarms at approximately 300 uL of air.
    • – OFF: If user has selected the option for air-eliminating filter in use, there is no alarm; if option for no air-eliminating filter in use selected, pump alarms at approximately 2 mL of air.
  • Rate Limits: 0.1 – 400 ml/hr.
  • Volume Limits: 0.1 – 9999.9 ml/hr.
  • Battery Life: 56 hours at 50 ml/hr
  • Battery Recharge: 14 hours

**The Abbott AIM Plus Ambulatory Infusion Pump is a multi-therapy pump.

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