Medfusion 2010i

The Medfusion 2010i Syringe Pump offers flexibility for a variety of clinical needs, settings and applications.


The Medfusion 2010i Syringe Pump offers flexibility for a variety of clinical needs, settings and applications. The pump may be utilized whenever meticulous low volume drug or fluid injections using a syringe are required in the hospital. All medications should be delivered in accordance with their approved drug labeling. The pumps may be field customized for specific applications. A choice of 15 modes of delivery are available. In addition, the pump has the capability to store up to 64 user regimens/protocols. A bolus may be programmed then changed or administered at any time prior to or during drug delivery. The Medfusion 2010i Syringe Pump can be programmed for four types of infusion.

Overall Size:  4.5" W X 3.0" H X 7.5" L 
Weight:   2.5 pounds 
Power: AC Adapter, DC Internal rechargeable batteries 
Recharge Time: 16 hours (with pump turned off)
Battery Capacity:  At 25° C, a 16 hour charge will operate the pump for at least 10 hours at 5.0 ml/hr using a 60 ml syringe.


± 3%, excluding syringe variations
Infusion Modes: Continuous, Volume Over Time, Body Weight and Mass modes
Flow Rate: 0.01 to 378.0 ml/hr dependent upon syringe size selected
Bolus Delivery:  Modes that allow bolus are Body Weight, Mass and Continuous
Syringe Selection: 

Becton­-Dickinson (B-­D)® 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 ml
Monoject® (Mono) 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, 35, 60 ml
Terumo® (Teru) 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 ml
Becton­-Dickinson Glass (BD-­G) 1, 3, 5, 10 ml
Abbott (Abot) 50 ml (Abboject)

*Automatically senses syringe size (except for B­D 1 cc Luer­lock syringe) 

Syringe Fill Volume:  All syringe sizes will fill to maximum stated volumes
 Total Volume Delivered:

0.0000 to 9999.9999 MG
0.00 to 9999.99 ml
0.0000 to 9999.9999 U

Alarms/Alerts: Status Alerts (Visual, non-audible):
Near Empty (5 to 60 minutes) Stop/Program
Empty Deliver
Dose Volume Delivered Battery in Use
Bolus Complete Battery Charging
Bolus Delivery Battery Depleted
Occlusion Priming
System Malfunction Standby Mode
Low Battery Low Battery Back Light
Depleted Battery  
Syringe Pops Out  
Invalid Size  
Invalid Number  
Check Clutch  
Alarm Temporary Delay: 2 or 60 minutes  
Alarm Audio Volume: Soft or Loud  
Load Syringe Plunger  
  • Ambulatory syringe pumps that run on either AC current or rechargeable internal batteries.
  • Four infusion modes: Body Weight, Mass, Continuous and Volume over Time
  • Automatically senses syringe size
  • A bolus may be programmed then changed or administered at any time prior to or during drug delivery
  • May be field customized for specific applications
  • Ability to store up to 64 user regimens/protocols