Medfusion 2010

The Medfusion 2010 syringe pump provides continuous, bolus, or intermittent delivery whenever meticulous low volume drug or fluid injections using a syringe are required in the hospital


The Medfusion 2001 syringe pump provides a continuous or intermittent delivery whenever meticulous low volume drug or fluid injections using a syringe are required in the hospital. It is recommended for intravenous or arterial infusions of blood, lipids, fluids, antibiotic, and any medication requiring precisely-­controlled infusion rates. The Medfusion 2001 pump accepts a broad range of syringe brands and sizes and has automatic sensing of syringe size. It runs on either AC current or on rechargeable internal batteries.

A unique feature of the Medfusion 2001 syringe pump is the custom program mode which allows preselection of certain parameters, including four infusion modes, volume rate, volume limit, KVO rate and alarm types. Additionally, the custom mode offers health care professionals a lockout feature which limits access to assure programming reliability.

Dimensions:  4.5" W X 3.0" H X 7.5" L
Weight:  2.5 lbs
Accuracy:  ± 3%, excluding syringe variations
Infusion Modes:  Continuous, Volume Over Time, Intermittent Auto, Intermittent Manual
Flow Rate: 00.01 to 378.0 ml per hour dependent upon syringe size selected
Syringe Selection: Becton-Dickinson (B-D)® 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 ml
                                                                        Monoject® 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, 35, 60 ml
                                                                        Terumo® 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 ml
                                                                        Abboject (ABOT) 50 ml
                                                                        Automatically senses syringe size except for B-D 1 cc Luer-lock syringe
Syringe Fill Volume: All syringe sizes will fill to maximum stated volumes
Power: AC95-135V; 60 Hz DC-Internal rechargeable batteries International voltage available
Recharge Time: With Pump Off: 16 hours
Battery Capacity: 16 hour charge will operate the pump for at least 10 hours at 5.0 ml per hour with a 60 ml syringe
Total Volume Delivered: 000.00 to 999.99 ml increments of 0.01 ml
Volume Limit: 00.00 to maximum capacity of syringe size (with minimum Programmable volume of 0.05 ml increments of 0.01 ml.

0.1 to 9.9 ml per hour in increments of 0.1 ml (cannot exceed primary rate)


­ Near Empty
Volume Limit
System Malfunction
Depleted Battery
Invalid Size
Check Clutch
Battery Charging
Low Battery
Syringe Pops Out
Invalid Number
Battery in Use
Battery Depleted/Plug in AC
Standby Mode

  • Ambulatory syringe pumps that run on either AC current or rechargeable internal batteries. 
  • Accepts a broad range of syringe brands and has automatic sensing of syringe size
  • Automatically adjusts the output PSI for different syringe sizes
  • Suitable for arterial and epidural infusions
  • Extremely accurate with small-­volume deliveries