Kangaroo 924

The Kangaroo™ 924 Enteral Feeding Pump features pre-set volume and overflow infusion safeguards to ensure the correct and consistent delivery of nutrition. The easy-to-use controls make set-up and operation of the unit intuitive. The Kangaroo™ 924 pump is used exclusively with the Kangaroo™ 924 pump sets.


Kangaroo 924 Enteral Feeding Pump The KangarooTM 924 Enteral Feeding Pump features pre-­set volume and overflow infusion safeguards to ensure the correct and consistent delivery of nutrition. The easy­-to-­use controls make set­up and operation of the unit intuitive.


Type Infusion Device: 

Pumping Mechanism:   Rotary Peristaltic 
Feeding Set Required:  Covidien Kangaroo 924 Enteral Feeding Pump with Pole Clamp
  Feeding Sets (see www.covidien.com for details on compatible administration sets)
Operating Range: 

• Rate: 1­-300 mL/hr in 1 mL/hr increments
• Dose: 1­-2000 mL in 1 mL increments
• Volume Delivered: 1-­9999 mL (rollover is accounted for)


10% or 0.5 mL/hr, whichever is larger, with top of the fluid column at 71.12 cm (28”) ± 0.76 cm (0.3”) above the top of the pump, at a room temperature of 22 °C ± 2 °C (72 °F ± 3 °F), using a new 924 feeding set for no longer than the recommended 24 hours of maximum usage.

Occlusion Pressure: 15 psi (103.4 kPa) Nominal
Alarms:  • Flow Error
• Low Battery
• Hold Error
• Load Set
• System Error
• VTBD Delivered


7.25” High x 6.61” Wide x 4.33” Deep
Weight: Approximately 3.89 lbs (1.76kg)
Case Material:   ABS/PC Plastic - Fire Resistant
Power Requirements:   120V~, 60 Hz, 1 Amp (North America); 230V~, 50Hz, 0.5 Amp (UK / Australia). If the integrity of the protective earth conductor arrangement is in doubt, operate unit from its internal electrical power source. 
Ambient Operating Conditions: 10° to 40°C (50° to 105°F)
Transport and Storage (not to exceed 30 days):

0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F),10­95% RH, non­-condensing. In the event that the specified storage time limit is exceeded, within the environmental limits specified, perform the performance tests prior to use.

  • Portable operation­-built in battery
  • Wide flow rate range:
    1-­5ml/hr in 1ml/hr increments
    50­-300 ml/hr in 5 ml/hr increments
  • Small and lightweight for easy transport
  • Touch panel operation
  • Shut off and activation of audible and visible alarms when:
  • feeding container is empty
  • feeding tube becomes occluded
  • drop sensors blocked
  • battery low (alarms 15 minutes before pump shut off)
  • unit is left on "HOLD" longer than 2 1/2 minutes
  • pump set is improperly loaded
  • self diagnosed problem which requires technical servicing
  • pump motor malfunction
  • Automatic systems check after pump has been turned ON
  • Large LED display
  • Removable power cord
  • Low occlusion pressure. Pump will not overcome back pressure greater than approximately 12psi (82.7kPa)
  • Integral pole clamp
  • Use of safety interlock pump sets to prevent free flow from inadvertent misload of pump set onto the pump
  • Pump running indicator lights
  • DC motor with intermittent operation
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Memory of flow rate, dose, and volume delivered settings for 24 hours after pump shut off