LifeCare PCA MedNet

The LifeCare PCA with Hospira MedNet Infusion System is a patient-controlled analgesia management system designed to meet the fluid delivery requirements of today's evolving healthcare environments.


The LifeCare PCA Infusion System with Hospira MedNet Software is a portable infusion pump that allows clinicians to administer, or patients to self-­administer, analgesia safely and effectively within clinician programmed limits and/or hospital-­defined medication limits.
The primary drug safety features of the LifeCare PCA are the Hospira MedNet Software and the barcode reader, designed to enhance patient safety and automate drug identification. Other enhancements include new programming features and the ability to read pharmacy­-generated barcodes.

  • Dimensions: 13” H x 8” W x 6” D (excluding pole clamp and power cord storage)
  • Weight: 10 lbs (with battery)
  • Casing: High­-impact plastic
  • Power Requirements: 100­-240 VAC; 50-­60 Hz; 50 W
  • Power Cord: Hospital­-grade AC cord; 10 feet; with transparent plug and retainer
  • Fuses: 0.5 A, 250 V, Slo-­Blo
  • Battery: One sealed lead acid, rechargeable 8 V battery, internal to the device
  • Battery Operation: A fully charged new battery provides approximately 3 hours of operation from the start of   delivery at 5 mL/hr, to dead battery

    Operation time is measured from initial pumping to the Low Battery alarm


  • Recharge Time: After a low battery alarm, the battery will recharge to 80% of full capacity within 16 hours

    The battery charges whenever the infuser is connected to AC power


  • Self­Discharge: A fully charged battery will retain 20% of the initial charge for 6 months when the nfusion pump is not connected to AC power or is not operating
Occlusion Alarms and Limits: 
  • Occlusion Alarm Pressure: 15 ± 5 psi
  • Maximum Infusion Pressure: 45 psig
  • Maximum Over­-infusion: Under single fault conditions = 25%
  • Occlusion Bolus Volume: 2 mL for fully primed set (max)
Delivery Rate Modes:  
  • Accuracy: ± 5%
  • PCA Only: Approximately 1 mL in 35 seconds
  • Continuous Only: Variable from 0.1x concentration to 20x concentration (mg/hr or mcg/hr)
  • PCA + Continuous: Variable from 0.1x concentration to 20x concentration (mg/hr or mcg/hr) + PCA dose (mg) 
  • Lockout Interval Range: 5 to 120 minutes, in one minute increments
  • Barcode not read
  • Check settings
  • Occlusion
  • Check syringe
  • Check vial
  • Check injector
  • Empty syringe
  • Door open
  • Infuser paused
  • Invalid Barcode – Replace vial
  • Low battery
  • Dead battery
  • Pendant fault – O
  • Pendant fault – S
  • Check PCA infuser set to relieve pressure

Drug Recognition:

  • Built-­in bar code reader automatically identifies drug name and drug concentration in the vial of all prefilled Hospira vials. The bar code reader can recognize custom-­filled vials of pharmacy­-generated barcodes when Hospira MedNet software is enabled.


  • Designed to help reduce medication errors, enhance utility and increase efficiency
  • Advanced software, soft­function keys and numeric keypad with decimal point & icons for
  • Prompting alphanumeric display
  • Review screen confirms data input before infusion begins
  • Auto-­programming available easy use


  • RJ­-45 Ethernet connector
  • Software is field upgradeable
  • Diagnostic setup options
  • Alarm history
  • Stored speed protocol function for Hospira prefilled vials and custom (sterile empty) vials
  • Nurse call relay connector
  • Infusion history

Other Features:

  • Various Modes of Delivery: PCA only, Continuous, and PCA + Continuous
  • Wireless antenna
  • Microprocessor control
  • LCD and LED display
  • Back panel illumination
  • Security features
  • 8 V battery for emergency backup and temporary portable operation (approximately 3 hours)