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Mini Infuser 300XL

The Mini-infuser 150XL and Mini-infuser 300XL are syringe pumps that will hold and empty a standard plastic syringe at a constant,continuous rate.The syringe barrel is secured in a holder and the syringe plunger is moved by a pusher.This pusher is moved by the engagement of a nut on a threaded lead screw.The lead screw is rotated, through appropriate gearing,by a reliable,efficient direct current motor.The motor speed is electronically controlled to keep it constant regardless of syringe back pressure or battery voltage.A force sensing system is included as part of the syringe holder,and is used to detect end of syringe and occlusion.Electronic circuity is used to control the indicators,alarms and infusion modes,and to sense the condition of the batteries.

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