Flo-Gard 6200

The Baxter Flo-Gard 6200 Volumetric Infusion Pump can deliver a wide variety of fluids, including blood, over a broad range of infusion rates.


The Baxter-Flo­Gard® infusion pump technology. It can deliver a wide variety of fluids over a broad range of 
infusion rates.

Pump Type:  Linear peristaltic volumetric infusion pump 
Dimensions:  9.5 W x 11 H x 6 D in. 
Weight:   14 lbs 

Flow Rate Range: (Primary program): 


1-­999 mL/hr in 1 mL increments for both primary and secondary

VTBI Range:  1-­9999 mL for both primary and secondary
KVO Rate:  5 mL/hr or programmed rate, whichever is less
Output Pressure:  Initial distal occlusion alarm pressure is approximately 5-­7 psi
Air­-in-­Line Detection:  Air bubbles approximately 50 microliters or larger
Nurse Call: Optional – an installation kit is required
Battery Life:  5 hours on fully charged batteries at a rate of 125 mL/hr
Battery Recharge:  16 hours to recharge 80% of capacity
AC Power Requirements:  110/120V, 60 Hz
Power Cord:  8 ft, Hospital Grade Plug
Fuse:  0.5 A, 250 V, SB, 6.35 mm x 31.8 mm
Leakage Current:  Less than 50 microamps (using UL specified test methods)
  • Easy to load, spill-resistant pumping mechanism.
  • Occlusion sensors that detect both upstream and downstream restrictions.
  • Ultrasonic air detector that senses bubbles approximately 50 microliters or larger without nuisance alarms.
  • Safety clamp mechanism that prevents accidental free flow.
  • Locking control panel that prevents tampering.
  • Independent secondary medication program that automatically switches over to primary program upon completion.
  • Uses standard Baxter solution administration sets.
  • Automatic self-test routine that checks for proper function before use.
  • Five hour memory which retains infusion data after power-off.
  • Easily replaceable fuse, battery, and power cord.