McGaw BD 360 Infuser

The McGaw BD 360 syringe pump features continuous intravenous infusion rates up to 360 mL/hr, depending upon syringe size. The BD 360 can be used as a primary infusor or can deliver downstream secondary piggyback infusions. Variable time settings are set using digital controls, and the LCD display shows time remaining.


The B Braun Perfusor basic is a microprocessor controlled, portable syringe pump designed to deliver intermittent infusions. The syringe sizes used are 3cc to 10cc, and delivery times range from 10 to 60 minutes. When the time has been set and the syringe is in place, the pump automatically calculates the proper speed and occlusion pressure.

Dimensions:  9.75” H x 2.75” W x 5” D 
Weight:   2 lbs
Syringes:  BD PlastipakTM 3cc to 60cc 
Rate Parameters:  1.5 mL/hr (3cc syringe) to 360 mL/hr (60cc syringe) 
Delivery Time:  10 - 60 min., in 2.5 min. increments
Battery:  Requires 4 C­size alkaline batteries
Battery Life:  400 hours typical, 10 hours on Low Battery
Accuracy:  ± 3%

- LED: Infuse, Attention, Low Battery, Infusion Complete.
- LCD: Time Remaining, Original Set Time; some revisions have Infusion 
complete indicator.

 Occlusion Limits (using BD PlastipakTM syringes):


Maximum Occlusion
Pressure (psi)

Typical Occlusion
Pressure (psi)
3 cc 46.8 36.4
5 cc 30.0 17.9
10 cc 22.8 17.0
20 cc 21.6 13.9
30 cc 16.8 9.4
60 cc 13.2 8.4